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Everyone wants to walk in the doors of their home at the end of the day feeling relaxed and content. The way your home’s interior looks plays a big part in that. If you have damaged ceilings or drywall, or worn out wallpaper, doors, trim or crown molding, then Richard and Sons Plus Daughter can help! We do wallpaper removal, ceiling repair and drywall repair, as well as stain, finish and paint for doors, trim and crown molding. Don’t make it a DIY job. Contact our professional team in Galena, OH for a free estimate and get the job done right.
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Wallpaper removal

Have you ever tried to remove wallpaper yourself? Aside from being a tedious and time consuming job, were you able to get the job done well? Many people think wallpaper removal is a simple task that just involves tearing it off. However, it really is not a DIY job, and to do right, professional services are required. To remove wallpaper correctly our team will identify if the walls were sized and the wallpaper installed properly the last time. After knowing this, Richard and Sons Plus Daughter can determine the best way to remove the wallpaper without damaging your walls.

Ceiling repair and painting

Is your ceiling painting in bad condition? Are you tired of the color and want a fresh change?  Whatever the case, Richard and Sons Plus Daughter’s team can take care of it! For a new color, new style or major or minor ceiling repairs, give us a call and ask for a free quote.

Drywall repair

Is your home’s drywall looking dreary or is it damaged? Why not get in touch with Richard and Sons Plus Daughter’s interior painting and drywall repair crew to get an estimate for the project. Not only is damaged drywall unattractive, it also doesn’t hold paint very well and can lead to structural problems with your home. The typical drywall repair services we provide include filling small holes, taping and mudding.

Stain, Finish, and Paint: Doors, Trim and Crown Molding

Having the right stain, finish and paint on your interior doors, trim and crown molding can make all the difference in creating the style and appearance you want. They add that special touch that makes each home unique. With their keen eye and attention to detail, Richard and Sons Plus Daughter’s experienced interiors painting team is perfect for the job!
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